Chicken living with my Goats! XD

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  1. Fluffy's background- We got her at age 7 weeks, along with 21 other chickens. They were delivered in a smelly, dirty dog kennel. It appeared as though they had lived there their whole lives.
    At around 15 weeks (or something like that), A raccoon, or fox, or whatever, came and took all of my chickens, except for four. Fluffy got her foot bitten, and from then on was crippled.
    Then, about three weeks ago, we noticed that our cochin, AKA Fluffy, had a bloodied up head. The rooster was kinda an over-breeder to her, bc she couldn't run away like the other hens.
    We took her to our porch where she could recover. On the last day there, she started molting, and she cut her foot which = blood, and she figured out how to get up on the patio furniture. I felt bad for her, not being able to roost anywhere, bc she was always kicked off. But i had to kick her off, because this was brand new patio furniture, that i didn't want dirtied up.
    Well, she was (we thought) good enough to go back to her chicken friends. We put her in at night, and turned the lights off. In the morning, at about one hour after they were all let out, her head was bleeding worse than ever!!
    We didn't want to put her in the porch again, so we put her in with the goats. Just Billy and Buckley, and occasionally Timmy. They are calm, and only a few months old.
    Immediately, i knew i had made the right choice. They took her in as a child. Billy licked her head, and she enjoyed it. They ate together, she always waited for them to be there to eat her to eat scratch with her. They slept together, all curled up. Fluffy loves living with them!! And we think this will be her forever home. [​IMG]
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    what a sweet story. i'm glad for fluffy.
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    We need pictures!
  4. I will have to go up tonight when everybody is asleep and take a few of them sleeping together. And at feeding time i will take a few! It is adorable!!
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    so cute!!! Im happy Fluffy's happy :)
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    Awe, how sweet!! I feel reassured since I turned out 6 roosters and 5 turkeys to free range with my goats. They all see to be getting along famously.
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    Ahhhhh nice story. :)
  9. I got some pictures last night of them eating together. I mean, Billy felt too cool to be on camera, so i just got it of Buckley and her. [​IMG] Then i forgot to go up at dark to get some of them sleeping together. [​IMG]its the best part! She mainly just sleeps with Billy, but sometimes she sleeps with Buckley. Its tooooo cute!! I will have to download them later bc i took them on my dads phone and he is at work[​IMG]
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