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    Sep 4, 2016
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    Hi guys,

    I've got one hybrid Rhode Island Red and two silkies. My RIR is less than a year old and has been laying one egg per day since I got her about 2 1/2 months ago. She has settled in very well and has a very large area to roam and is fed on a massively varied diet. She get in very well with the silkies, one of which we found out recently is a male.

    Over the last two weeks she seems to have stopped laying eggs and has lost weight and doesn't seem to have as much an appetite, despite wanting food. Does anyone know what may be wrong with her? She seems well in her self apart from this.

    FYI - We were told she was wormed and fully vaccinated when we bought her. I havnt given her anything as of yet.

    Thanks In Advance,

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    Suggest you post this in the Emergencies/Injuries forum...might get more action over there!
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    Show a current picture of her emphasizing face in one shot. Look at her stool. I would like to see both types of stool she produces. Show picture of her vent and under her wing.

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