chicken loses her balance - what can we do to help her?

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    Hi! I'm brand new and this is my first question to the forum. We adopted 4 chicks from my son's school so I'm not 100% of what they all are and we aren't pros at this chicken stuff, but I've browsed this site quite a bit and have the book Raising Chickens for Dummies, so I think I'm off to a decent start. We believe the one I'm writing about is a Delaware. She's white with some gray....They were hatched late May and are in an outdoor coop now, all seeming to do very well. They are allowed to free range except not as much now that they were attacked. Luckily my husband was home and scared off the predator. Chicks were missing for a while but he found them all and brought them back to the coop. He's been busy making them a pen now and we'll probably only let them roam when we know we'll be home. Anyway, this white one we call Daisy seems to walk like she's drunk sometimes. It looks like she trips over her feet sometimes. She loses her balance and falls over. She seems to always bend down when they're eating where the others don't do that. She can run and keep up with the other three ok. She's eating fine and is our more aggressive of the four always wanting to be first to the treat that was thrown out, etc. Sometimes she'll lay on her side and the others walk on her and she squirms to get up. We're just worried about her. Last night she fell off the roosting boxes. She doesn't perch like the others do. She likes to be on a flat surface up high at night. (It probably didn't help that I cleaned the coop and moved the boxes away from the wall to get all the poop left behind and never moved them back. OOPS! - I felt really bad. My husband was working on the pen and heard her fall and went into pick her up)
    Other things I notice is that the other three have shiny feathers and all seem very healthy. Daisy doesn't seem to have that shine. She gets separated from the others a lot and we can hear her calling out to them. Everything else seems to be normal compared to the others.
    I've read others posts related to what seems to be similar ailments and I thought some referred to vitamins and extra protein. Can I get this at my local hardware store where we buy their food and shavings? Should I go back to giving her the mash we gave as small chicks? They are our pets, but we aren't planning on vet visits or incurring a lot of expense here. I'd like to just take the simple measures of keeping them healthy and happy.
    We'd like to see her get better.
    Thanks for any advice!! [​IMG]
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    I wish I could help. I have a 5 weks old that does the same thing. She is growing, but I am worried as well. Looking forward to what people say for advice.
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    You can post stalk me as I had a drunk chick several weeks ago. Ziva is absolutely fine now. In searching through this wonderful resource, I discovered that it was a vitamin B deficiency. Following the advice of others, I crushed up a B-50 tablet and mixed it in with a little bit of yogurt. I then used a needleless syringe to get some down her throat. I did this 3 times the first day and twice the second day. By the 2nd dose on the first day, she was no longer drunk. To go from a chick who was falling over and standing on her haunches to a perfectly normal chick in hours was amazing.

    I've since switched foods - no more Nutrena. [​IMG] I'm now using a mixture of Payback and Cascade Organic (Pacific Northwest brands) and will go with probably go with the Cascade only once I'm done with the Payback (it's a good food though). I'm also giving them some Rooster Booster vitamin and electrolyte powder in their drinking water.

    I don't know that this will help in your situation but it sure did in mine.

    ETA: Mine was eating well too so this sounds very similar.
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