Chicken Losing All Her Feathers?


Apr 29, 2018
So I have a Polish frizzle hen, she’s about 1 1/2 years old. A few months ago, I’m not sure exactly how many, she started losing a lot of feathers. I thought maybe she was molting. But it’s been what feels like a long time and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better. Her feathers are very sparse all over and she just looks pitiful. I noticed this morning that her feet look kind of swollen and strange too. I’m worried that it might be scabies or something? But she’s stayed with the other chickens this entire time and none of the others are showing any symptoms. Any ideas?


And here’s what she used to look like
X2 parasites can cause feather loss. What are you feeding her and is there any chance your chickens are picking on her?
I’ve been feeding them Dumor chick starter for the last couple months because I’ve had broody hens raising chicks. She’s the only one that’s like this. I don’t think she’s being picked on though, she’s at the higher end of the pecking order and is normally the one picking on others lol. I mostly just have silkies and Polish
You can get Pyrethrin, or Permethrin. I would treat the coop as well. And do check all of your chickens. If you wait until roosting time, you can easily go in and take them off the roost one by one and treat them.
This will help with ID of mites or lice:
And this for the legs, looks like scaly leg mites:
If you find lice/mites you will need to clean the coop and treat it and the birds at 7 day intervals, at least 3 times to get rid of them. The treatment kills the bugs but not the eggs so you have to retreat to get eggs that continue to hatch. Clean out all bedding and nesting material and discard or burn it.
Thank you guys! I was thinking if she was just molting the chick starter would help with her feathers since it’s higher protein? But it hasn’t made a difference. I will check everyone for mites/lice tonight and treat for scaly leg too. I just feel so bad for her! She used to be my prettiest one but she just looks so mangy now, I definitely want to get her feeling better!

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