Chicken lost an eye, seemed to be healed, eye wound leaking again


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May 23, 2020
One of my chickens lost an eye to a dog attack followed by her flock mates pecking at it. I put her back in with the others after my mom cleaned out her eye, it was dead and causing an infection, and her eye seemed to be healed. I heard clucking at 1 am tonight so I raced outside worried something was attacking my coop but it seems that the other chickens were still pecking at her wound and it’s now leaking again. I had been keeping an eye on her but she seemed fine until tonight so I separate her from the flock and put her back in the sick coop.

My dad says I may have to keep her permanently separated from the others but my mom says I can put her back with the flock when she’s fully healed. I thought she was fully healed but I guess not if it’s still leaking. Could my other chickens have reopened her wound by pecking at it? Will I need to keep her permanently separated? She was the queen of my coop until she lost her eye and now she’s at the bottom and I’m worried her flock mates can and will kill her.

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