Chicken lost Feathers?


7 Years
Dec 10, 2012
Ok so my chicken is just a year old she is a partridge plymouth rock. All of a sudden i noticed that there where not any feathers on her breast bone. It is the beginning of september. Also i haven't been getting as many eggs as usual! Is she molting? What is happening? Please help?
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They may or may not. Some 'blow' all of their feathers at once and end up looking quite pathetic. Others lose a couple of feathers at a time and do not look as bad.
Reading this post, I feel so relieved!

One of my 15 month old hens started losing all of her feathers a week ago. What a mess! Every tail feather, her belly, her head, all over. I thought she was attacked by something at first, but looking closely, there is no blood or anything. She definitely looks like a hedgehog!

She's bald and she seems uncomfortable too, when she tries to sit down. The weather has turned cold. I put her in a cage and brought her into the kitchen for the night just in case she isn't ok. So what happens when they blow all their feathers in cold weather?

Springwater, Ontario

(We have 6 hens and an insulated coop)

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