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    We have two roosters, and 3 hens of the same breed. we wanted two of the hens to be with one of the roosters, and the other hen be with the other rooster. when the rooster with only one hen noticed that he wasnt with the hen he was with at his old home, he wasnt acting right. and the hen that wasnt with her rooster, was the odd ball in her pen. so we put them together, and the rooster was strutting around and would not let the hen come out of her pen, to go outside. is this normal for a rooster and hen to be like this?! you wouldnt think so!!!!!!![​IMG]

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    Do the roosters fight? Even though mine were raised together as chicks when they became old enough to mate they began fighting more and more so I had to separate them. One boy can mate up to about 10 girls. I don't keep any more than about 12 girls to a boy. I would keep the best rooster and put him with the hens since they are all the same breed. In my breeding pens I have 1 boy with 9 girls and in 3 other boys, each has 8 girls.
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