Chicken mama


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Boise, Idaho
I bought my chickens in May of 2012 and when we opened the box there were extras so I convinced my parents to take 5 since we are only allowed 6 in the city.
I have 6 chickens now: 2 light brahmas, 1 white leghorn, 2 araucanas, and 1 buff orpington
I immediately found this web sight when I searched for coop plans and found such a wealth of infromation here that helped me a lot.
I had other hobbies before children but now my kids and chickens run our house. (I still paint, draw, sew and scrapbook once in a while.) I love baking so the eggs are getting used fast. I have 3 daughters and they love our hens. My oldest practically slept by the brooder box and took extra care of the chicks so we started to call her our chicken mamma. She thinks I'm the chicken mamma but either way we love our little flock. We had a bad moment in July when two dogs got into the yard and killed 2 chickens. It took us an hour to find the 9 remaining ones as most left the yard and hid somewhere else. That was very hard on my little chicken mamma but my husband was our hero who took care of the bodies and feathers. Now all the hens stay cooped. I am so lucky to have a good husband who takes such good care of me and our girls that I get to be a mamma and I love it!
Greetings from Kansas, Pamsgirls, and
! Great to have you in our community! Sorry to hear about you losing a couple of chickens. But it sounds like your birds have a great home. Also love the way you include your daughters in the raising of them. Best of luck to you!

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