Chicken Man kills himself after long fight with Roswell government officials

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    This is a couple years old now. I knew Andrew personally as we were both members of a Grassroots 2nd amendment supporting group in Georgia. Andrew did volunteer work for the group and was a really great guy. I didn't read the linked article but I will a little later.

    All of us who knew him blame the Roswell City Council for him killing himself, they had been harassing him for a long time and apparently it finally got to him. The local police had arrested him and while he was spending time in jail all his possessions including several firearms were stolen and they wouldn't do anything about it or even investigate the crimes. I'm pretty sure that he was loosing his house to foreclosure because he was unable to pay his mortgage because of his arrest. I don't believe he was ever convicted on any offense. I spent some time in the hospital myself while it was going on so I don't remember all the details fully.

    Just as soon as I get the chance I will refresh my memory on the whole situation and make sure I've got all my facts right and give you a report on how a city gets away with the murder of one of its citizens. After all that is what Roswell did, They murdered the man by driving him to commit suicide.

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