chicken manure - sell or give away?


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Jun 13, 2010
Spanish Springs, NV
I am using some of the chicken manure in my compost but the darn girls keep pooping! Do any of ya'll sell the poo or offer it free on craigslist? I really hate throwing it away. The soil where I live is very poor (high desert) and really needs amendments. Any ideas?
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If you think people will want it, try selling first. If there is not a good response, try to give it away.
Craigslist is free, I'd post it and see if you get any bites. Course, then you have someone coming on your property to pick it up, unless you want to bag it and deliver. I'm a little of a privacy freak, so I'd probably charge for it and deliver or meet. Just wondering, why don't you compost all you have?
re: using all in compost - I am new to composting and am afraid of getting too much in my mix - I just added a pound (approx. 1000) worms to it. Still trying to figure it all out...
If you are going to bag it - - then charge for it.

However, if you are going to do nothing but pile it and have them load it - - - - then it should be free.

You are already receiving the benefit of having the excess removed from your property . . ..

I pick up free manure all over the city. I NEVER pay for it. I pull up with my trailer and load it.

I have a nearby supplier of cow manure who lets me come by and shovel anytime - - - even when they are not there. The only payment they have ever asked for is to remember where I got the manure from when the collards start coming in. I make sure they get the first vegs from my garden each season
Compost it all! I have a wire box I built to put it all in I just keep turning it and turning it.
I get a lot of snow up here and I put thin layer on my garden every year! They say not to use fresh I mix with old all the time so only getting a little fresh everytime and my plants in my Market garden do great!

I'm sure someone will disagree with me they always do
tell me I'm wrong to do this or that.

I'm just sharing what I do and will always do

Good luck with your composting I like my method it works for me!
Thanks everyone! I found someone who has a community garden and was looking for help so I offered to give some of my black gold to them.
I will continue to use it in my compost and I think I will spread some on the ground after the veggies are up and before the snow comes...
I would say FREE OR Offer to trade for something...fresh veggies, etc...I have a couple of friends that I trade poop for veggies...course I got horse poo and chicken I have a lot of poo! But it's like gardening with out all the dirt and hole digging
See if maybe you know someone who would swap!
If your veggy plants are just up only side dress (beside the row) the plants putting manure on them will burn the plants!

Just my two cents!

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