Chicken math 8 x 12 shed coop in the making

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    It's been about 11 years since we have had chickens, we were up to about 25 of a very mixed flock. We relocated and I have been wanting to get chicks again for a couple years and it finally happened. I bought a small coop that I was gonna mod to hold 3 or 4 chickens. Our first purchase was 8 chicks, with the idea that we could loose 1 or 2 plus maybe a roo in the mix. Worst case if they all make it, we sell a few. Well They're all doing great at 7 weeks, not sure if there are any roos yet. Now to quick get a bigger coop done. It will be done enough for them to move into this weekend and I can do the rest with them out there, make real windows, shingle the roof and do the run.

    Original coop that I was gonna modify

    Then this happened

    Black Jack Rubr Coat 57 for the floor
    Waiting for the floor to cure. The flip outs will be windows (I have to make them) and the door will have a window. There are windows on both sides also. The front and back soffits have hardware cloth already. I used 2 x 6's for the roof rafters instead of 2 x 4's just to raise it a little higher for more ventilation.
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    My Coop
    It happens. Our old coop was 280sq ft. Then we built a mobile 6x8 coop on a trailer frame, once we found out we were moving. Have that set up, plus 5 stalls in the barn. LOL And the brooder shed.

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