Chicken Math comes to the Hedgerow


9 Years
May 21, 2010
Otis, Oregon ~ Chicken People Since 5/10
My 6, 11 month old Australorp hens are soon to be joined by the product of our first chicken math. 7 straight run BA peeps will be arriving on the 16th. They are going to brood with the neighbors dozen-plus (as my broody isn't just now). We are hoping for a beautiful Roo, so our next chicken math solution comes from sitting a nice fertilized clutch under AliceAnn, my broody extrordinaire! Plus a few back-up layers, when my current flock molts all at once come Autumn.
Happy Impending Spring Chicken Math!!!

Brightest Blessings
Enjoy your new chicks! Looks like you have the chicken math under control.
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I LOVE chicken math, it is the only math I am good at. I have it down to a science too. I went to pick up one dozen meaties at TSC and that is exactly what I came home with, PLUS the silkies I could not part with and somehow 7 plus 7 sounds much better than 6 plus 6. So, 14 meaties and 3 silkies. See, it adds up perfectly.

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