Chicken math has become a "chicken scratch off lotto game"!

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    We don't need more chickens, we don't want more chickens but since we hatched our first bunch from the incubator (and they are sooooooo cute) now we want to hatch more just to see how pretty they are as they grow up! With our really sexy BO rooster and some very very pretty (BO, RiR, Aus, EE, GLW, SLW) hens we've gotten some super cute chicks. Now we have more eggs we've saved for the incubator and although I'll have to build yet another coop we want to hatch them all! We went in halves on an incubator and this time we're running 44 eggs between the two households. Oh the peeps we will have! Thank goodness we've got 2 acres for them to range on or we'd be looking to buy a new place with more land.

    No one told us that being a BYC owner would turn into this kind of addiction. You all should post a warning to the newbies....... really.[​IMG]
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    [​IMG]aweosme!!!! Im very similar...just that i set 48 eggs weekly (every Saturday!!
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    LOL! so how many incubators are you running?

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