Chicken Math Strikes Again!!

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    So - here's my story. I live on a farm - a real working farm. I wanted chickens for years and finally my husband gave in. I was going to get six chickens. He went with me to get them and kept saying that's not enough, that's not enough - and we came home with 15. Had to rehome one cause they were picking on it so bad and one turned out to be a rooster. So I was down to 13. They started laying a month ago and we started selling eggs. Can't keep them in the house they are going out so fast.

    Tonight he went with me to get 7 more!! and HE'S talking about building another coop for some more next spring!!! What a good DH!!!

    And to think I "forced" him into this! [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] WOW...I'm SOOO jealous!

    Here's a breakdown of my "chicken math"....

    In 2006, I ordered 25 chicks + the free exotic one from MMH. Sold/culled down to the best 6 Light Brahmas...then saw GLC's on the internet. HAD to have those...(mind you, I already had a pair of Muscovies!) so I bought those in 2007. Then I found the Sumatras...and it went down hill from there. LOL My coop has been doubled in size and we're currently working on another coop. My black pied Muscovies are now 7 colors of muscovies in several pens and geese!

    Unfortunately, someone told my husband that eggs only take 21 days to hatch (the staggered hatches & sneaking chicks out to the coop while he was in the shower only worked so long!) LOL
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    Love it!

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