Chicken Math Strikes Again


7 Years
I've owned chickens about 2 months. In March I ordered 15 straight-run chicks (the minimum) for delivery this week from The Fancy Chick. The plan was to keep only the hens, leaving me with about 7-8 chickens. Then I ended up with 7 one week old chicks and 2 full grown hens in the meantime from local sources. Fine.

So, today I get an email from the lovely people at The Fancy Chick and they let me know that they didn't have any Black Copper Marans this week, so they're sending me extras of the other two breeds I ordered (Javas and Ameraucanas) and can send me the Black Copper Marans in a week or two. I said, Sure! So, I'm getting 15 this week and when they send the Marans, I'm assuming they'll send extras (probably of a different breed) to get the 15 shipping minimum again. So, I'm figuring I'll end up with 30 chicks within the next few weeks!

So, crazy me started with a plan to get 15 chicks and keep only the hens and now it looks like I'll end up with 39 chickens!!

My life is never dull! Let the insanity begin.....

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