Chicken measurments for roost height

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    Aug 20, 2011
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    in a small coop.

    Plan on 3 of the larger hens, big tummy and fat butt. The ones that will not be as likely to be getting over fences.

    So all this talk of roosts and such had me out taking my first measurements today (added to my BYC page ). Now I need to know how tall your larger hens are when roosting and how far down their tail might go. Don't want head bumps or dirty tails [​IMG] because of how I set up their bedroom.

    I'm sort of thinking I need two short roosts, meeting at right angles to give them adequate head room ?
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    Jun 25, 2011
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    I don't know if my situation is strange or not, but I remade my roost and put 3 poles inplace of 2. The top one is 11 inches off the wall, the second is 12 inches on the horizontal down from that. On the horizontal measurement it's 12 inches top pole the the second one. Then I put one small one on the bottom just for the ladder to rest on. But wouldn't you know the buff's want that one. The other chickens and the rooster go to the top. The top pole is 42 inches off the floor. The entire roost is at a 30 degree angle. I've had no one messed on so far. They situate themselves and nobody is under another. I think it would miss anyway.

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