chicken, meet coop


9 Years
May 2, 2010
The girls were so cute tonight. They spent the night outside in their playhouse last night for the first time. They were used to being there during the day. Today, I got the run portion finished, and attached the playhouse to the run. So, they had about 3 hours in the run before the sun set. I was hoping they would use the ladder as a roost and figure out their playhouse was up there. When I just checked on them, they were cuddled up together by the door of the run. I decided to put them in their playhouse and let them find the run in the morning. I expected another chicken chasing moment, but they just let me pick them up without a fuss; even the one that hates to be caught. The lights were on, so it was as bright as day. I put them in their playhouse, but on the roost I just put up. I couldn't tell if they were excited about it or afraid. They were making alot of conversation. After a few minutes, they were cuddled up together on the roost, so I decided it was safe to go in and turn off the lights. Yes, girls. You are chickens now.


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Quote:Such a cute story!

Mine did the same thing. They were all huddled together under the pop door. It took Company A two nights to figure it out. Company B took a week. Now I have two from Company A (the older ones) who think that roosting on the door is correct and cluck at me when I pick them up and put them inside. The nerve of me!

Company B still will not roost. They go inside and huddle on the floor.

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