Chicken meet the donkey's hoof yesterday OUCH

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    Yesterday morning, during feeding, one of my 12 week old free range chicks met the underside of Ms Voodoo's hoof... [​IMG] I got Voo to move and noticed that the chick wasn't moving like normal.. After getting it and looking closer I found out it had a broken leg (that was all that Voo stepped on)... Well I brought in in and placed in the CICU(Chicken Intencive Care Unit a.k.a. my bath tub), so it could calm down. Than after about 3 hours I looked at it and found the bone sticking out and the leg looks like it's on held on by maybe 2% of the skin and muscles... (REALLY BIG OUCH). By now, the kids and hubby had seen it and asked me what I was going to do with the chicken. I really feel bad for it and wanted to put it down, until it started eating out of my hand [​IMG] ... I'm a sucker for injured animals.. So I bandaged it up and placed it back in the CICU.
    Any who, it's eating and drinking normal, and moves OK... I think it will make it, but just be one legged.. Any one else have this happen and did the chicken do alright.. I know I have another hen that was stomped several months ago, but no bones sticking out or any thning like that, and she uses both feet like she was never hurt.
    What do you think I should do???

    Thanks in advance,

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