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Oct 12, 2010
I saw a "chicken moat" in an old Mother Earth News and wondered if anyone else has done it. I am looking for ideas but the one in MEN was huge! any ideas or links would be appreciated. THANKS!
OK, before I posted this I swear I searched the topic and didn't find anything...
sorry bout that.
I considered this idea, too! I chose not to do it because the cost of fencing added up fast. If you think about it, it is twice the fencing. Also, I have to keep my chickens hidden in the back yard BEHIND the garden so the code enforcement guy can't see them from the road. Darn ordinances....

If you decide to do it take pictures!!
That is my plan to do a moat. I got the idea from the same article. I am almost finished with my first coop. Should be done this weekend. Chicks come 11/10.

I will do one leg of the moat this fall and the other three in the spring. Yes, fencing is going to add up.
Fencing isn't necessarily THAT much more, since the inner fencing only needs to keep chickens in (not predators out) and thus can be mere chickenwire.

I have to say I'm still highly skeptical of the idea -- AFAIK most bugs in my garden get there by FLYING -- but I still have yet to hear actual reports from anyone who's used one for several years running so maybe you will be the first!

Good luck, have fun,


This is our coop now all we need is the moat.

getting impatient though so we will probably go to the flea market here tomorrow and get a few hens and see how long they last before the coyotes get them.
Remember that getting chickens before you have the capacity to protect them is just chumming up predators to afflict your FUTURE flocks. Once the local predator population understands that there's a buffet in there, they become much much harder to keep out, even with a strong well-designed run fence. It works a whole lot better to never let them get a taste in the first place...


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