Chicken nails and feet. Hen limping.


13 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Iron Ridge WI
Please give me some advice, My silkie hen is limping and when I checked her feet this morning her nail was bloody. This happened to my roo a couple weeks ago. The only difference is that he lost his nail and she still has most of her's. Do I have to clip the nails? They aren't very long and they walk on concert and gravel alot. How do they break off and are they that brittle? These are my first chickens so every little thing that happens is new. Thanks for the help!
I'm new to chickens myself (since Feb. 09). I've never clipped my chickens nails and have had no problems. Are they breaking off? If so they may need a little extra calcium in the diet. Good Luck
My roo nail broke off but the hens didn't break all the way off. She seems to be better now then she was this morning. I also gave them some egg shells, maybe that will help some. Thanks for the help.

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