Chicken Needs Glasses UPDATE


10 Years
Mar 13, 2009
Saturday March 14, 2009
I took Spiffy out of her house and collected all of her nesting material. She squawked at me and pecked me when I was removing it (well when she caught me) and then I gave her food (corn scratch & wild bird food mixed with oyster shells and water with the vitamin mix, meat ravioli, and chocolate pudding.)
She was able to pick her food and not miss it like she had been the last two days. She seems now to just look in her house and really does not want to go in.
She is checking everything out in the house and seems to like being out and about once again. She ate and ate some more and I am so happy that she seems to be doing SOOO much better.
I want to thank all of you that helped me to make better choices for my dear Spiffy.

Thank you,
Spiffy’s Mom

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