Chicken never laid a normal egg?

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    Jun 19, 2016
    I have a 1 year old light sussex hen who has never laid a normal egg! She always lays eggs with no shell off the roost. Her first egg she laid is the one in the pic - she hasnt had one like that since but lays with no shell still? She also has diarrhea all the time but is completely healthy otherwise? She has free range to oyster shells and i feed them their egg shells as well. Ideas?
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    I've been told that no all laying hens have the motivation (or realise the link) to eat oyster shell in order to provide the necessary calcium. Assuming your other layers are fine, then this may be the case. Alternatively, she may have an issue with her egg production system.
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    Not every hen will be normal, and have all the parts in working order all the time. If you are feeding a balanced diet, and oyster shell on the side, then it's not the food. I would stop feeding egg shell for a while, only oyster shell, and limit treats, and see if that helps. Parasites, external or internal? You will need to decide if she's a keeper, or not. Mary
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    Are all your other birds laying 'normal' eggs?
    If so, then it is the individual bird has a problem and not the diet or environment.

    Having diarrhea 'all the time' is not what I'd call 'healthy'.
    Never laying hard shelled egg is not normal.

    Something is wrong inside that bird, either from disease or more likely it is genetic.

    How long has she been laying?
    Did she molt over winter?
    I am assuming your in the northern hemisphere,
    putting your location in your profile can eliminate incorrect assumptions.

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