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Jun 3, 2017
Central Louisiana

I am a fairly new chicken raiser, and I must say, chickens are addictive. :)
I bought 6 chicks from Tractor Supply back in March. They turned out to be what I suspect are Golden Comets and are pretty little girls.
In May I bought more chicks from a hatchery and they sent me two extra, so now I have 6 Rhode Island White hens, and 1 "Cherry Egger" cockerel. They will be 3 weeks old on Monday!

Sadly, due to poor dog-proofing, 3 of my original flock, the Golden Comets, were killed. Which meant I lost the most tame, and my personal favorite, Peggy. She was a sweet little girl that would scramble to sit on me for a quick nap before her sisters found a way to get her attention.

My dog-proofing has improved, and now I have Polly, Blanche, and Olive remaining. Polly uses me as her personal jungle gym and alerted me to their growing ability to fly by landing on my shoulder one day when my back was turned!

Anyways, now that the new chicks have grown accustomed to me, the hens all want to jump on me and climb up my arms. The cockerel, not so much. He is more aloof and "dignified." :p

I can even call them to me by clicking my tongue a bit. They are lovely little creatures.

With love,
Welcome to Backyard Chickens!!! Great to have you!! Sorry for your loss! I lost 5 of mine to a opossum, and another to the heat.
Welcome! Chickens are wonderful creatures to have around. Very entertaining and smarter than people give them credit for! Enjoy!
Welcomed to BYC - so glad you've joined us. Sorry the predator proofing lesson came the hard way.
Glad you are enjoying your new birds - an aloof cockerel is not a bad thing, when they become overly familiar bad behavior becomes more likely to be a problem.
Welcome to Backyard chickens. So sorry for your loss. Your new girls sound like real sweethearts.

OlGreyMare is certainly right about cockerels. If you get too friendly with him, he will consider you one of his flock instead of ALPHA.

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