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Jun 3, 2011
Hi! My name is Kezia and I'm new to chickens and to BYC. So I'll be on here a lot looking up new information. Last year my dad and I got 3 white mystery chickens and 3 Golden Comets. I kept them till they were big enough to not get swept away by a hawk, now they stay at my dads. This year we got 3 Black Sexlinks, 3 Barred Rocks and 1 Rhode Island Red. I'm keeping four this year, the rest go join the others at my dad's. After my research of chicken breeds, I think the Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red will be my best bet for my first chickens.
I've already had several questions answered on this forum, and I have sooo many more!!


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Apr 7, 2011
West Tennessee
If you want lots of eggs... keep a SL
BR are supposed to be pretty nice
Heard (may be wrong... dont mind a correction) RIR can be pretty dominant... hard-headed... whats the best word?

I don't have BR, but I have a Partridge Rock and she is sweet as can be... I also have BSL, not the friendliest, but well mannered.

Hope I don't offend anyone about the RIR... they just don't seem as docile as what I would like....


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Jun 3, 2011
Hi I'm new here too...well have been lurkin for years.....We have Red & Black sexlink & columbian rock. Generally the red sexlink are the nicest, the black are the nicest looking bunch but they are a little shy. The columbian rock are kind of shy too ....however if you look @ their individual personalities we have a really friendly columbian rock that's not afraid to hang out with you.All of our chickens were handled a lot when chicks so they would be friendly....@ least that was the premiss.


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Jun 3, 2011
north haven ct
new to BYC too its my secxond day ...4th day with my hens...I purchased 2 Plymoth Barred Rocks about 1yr old and 2 Rhode Island reds(although 1 is a goldish tan color i thinnk its a RI too but not 100%) the RI's look to be about 6-8months old. I picked them up from a local liivestock auction heald every Monday. I got the breeds I wanted although couldnt help my self and baught 1 more than i had in intended but i have plenty of room and still left there under my $30 budget and think i got sum of the best looking ones (with the help of a few older farmers who helped out a 22year old firrst timer) heres my question..they are eating well getting along together and everything seems to be going great .. i have 2 acres and want them 2 roam freely but dont want them to run off into the woods that is behind the yard so i have keep them cooped in in the run and houes....they have gotten out 2 tiimes while i was changing the water but with the help of cracked corn and the fact they were less than 10 feet from the door i got them back in in about 10-15min(it was fun in a nervous way) long before they will know that is their new home and wont wander off and how do i gt them back in if i have to leave for a few hors......also and a more exciting question......the barred rocks are def. at egg laying age and the RI reds are there too if not maby a moth away tops........but how long (if there is an average answer) should i expect to wait until they start laying their first eggs in their new home....i have a double nesting box with pine shavings and have even put a golf ball in 1 and a plastic white egg in the other hoping that it will show them what the nesting box is for and maby give them some ideas........any help will be greatly apreciated....btw i am located in CT if anyoe is wondering.........thanks and i lookforward to the assistance

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