chicken not eating closing eyes and walking heavy

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  1. my buff orpington is 10 months old has not laid an egg yet,for last 2 days her temperament has changed,she is not actively eating looks tired and heavy,she is closing her eyes ,and a little wobbly she looks like she is breathing heavy,i don,t know if her tail is moving up and down because she might be egg bound or it,s moving because of the breathing
    i have 12 girls and a rooster all others are very well
    they are fed layers pellets ,and twice a week treats such as pomegranite seedless grapes,sweetcorn
    they coop bedding is straw ,we have fed her via syringe yoghurt and garlic i have just put her in the conservatory and she is eating a little pomegranite but she does not look well please can someone help
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    these are symptoms of a dying or sick hen . but check the vent because sometimes before they have eggs for the first time they get like that. separate her from the others, because while in this state of health the would beat her up badly, maybe even kill her!
    also she could have a disease called "slipped tendon" caused by a dietary problem (vitamins def)
    or mechanical trauma if that's the case she won't get better.
    I am so sorry about your chicken. I lost 2 chickens to some mysterious disease that I think may have been slipped tendon. my dads not sure though.

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