Chicken Onomatopoeia!

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    Alright. So here's something fun (I think??)!

    I'm a senior in college, going for my BFA in Illustration, to be exact. I have a comic book class, which I've taken to 1.) fill out credits and 2.) help me round out my skills. So, today's assignment was to create some "sound effects," which is awesome. I'm creating a short little comic (probably in the neighborhood of 24 pages) about chickens! So far I've only got a story idea and the first page done (which you can view here). So, my sound effects are all chicken-based.

    I was curious to see if anyone can come up with better sound effects for the noises chickens make. Things like the cute little clucks that mother hens and roosters do to announce they've found food, happy sounds, crows, wing flapping, ground scratching, etc. etc.

    I am really not too fond of the cliché "cock-a-doodle-do" that folks tend to use as the general rooster crow. :C

    Any ideas, anyone?? :)

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