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    Ordinance to ban chickens being hatched in Laureldale
    By Greta Cuyler
    Reading Eagle

    Laureldale, PA - A few chicks bought as Easter gifts have sparked talk in Laureldale about whether the borough needs a chicken-ban ordinance.

    Borough police Chief Ronald D. Fisher said that he nearly ran down three full-size chickens about a month ago while patrolling on Bellevue Avenue.

    He traced the birds to the residence of a grandmother who had purchased them as babies for her grandchildren at Easter.

    "She didn't know it was illegal," said the woman's daughter, Iris Lima, who co-owns the house in the 1200 block of Bellevue Avenue, but lives in Muhlenberg Township.

    Lima said her mother, whose name was not released, kept the birds at her home. She was on vacation when the chickens got loose, even though a caretaker was looking after the property.

    "Shortly after that, we started receiving complaints," Fisher said of calls from annoyed neighbors. "Chickens in their yards, roosting in their yards, being dirty all over the property - the usual chicken complaints."

    As the property's co-owner, Lima was cited for violating Laureldale's animal-at-large ordinance, police said. The citation is pending before District Judge Dean R. Patton of Muhlenberg Township.

    Laureldale Borough Council is now considering an ordinance that would specifically ban residents from owning chickens.

    "The yards aren't big enough to have people starting to bring pigs and chickens into their yard," Fisher said. "The next thing you know we'll start having beef cattle."

    Council President Chester F. Bogacki said council will discuss the proposed chicken ban in August.

    As for the wayward birds, Lima said that as soon as the police chief told her there was a problem, the caretaker took care of it.

    "He killed them and took them over to my brother's house," Lima said. "I guess (my brother) ate them."

    Laureldale already has a ban specific to owning a pig as a pet. That ordinance was enacted several years ago after a resident adopted a pot-bellied pig, Fisher said.

    •Contact reporter Greta Cuyler at 610-371-5042 or [email protected].[​IMG]
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    * Gotta ask-- why do so many of these authority types nearly instanteously jump to the bogus contention that folks who want to keep a few urban chickens will surely next run right out and haul home a full-grown guernsey or holstein or a pig that can attain 8OO lb., eat you out of house and home, drop more manure in a week than you can use in 2 seasons and eat your chickens and you given half a chance?? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sounded like an isolated incident to me. One owner, 1 set of birds.

    If they were full grown from chicks they were obviously in town for some time. Yet he didn't have a clue. If he hadn't almost hit them he would never have known. And just how fast was he driving that he almost hit them? When patrolling shouldn't you be driving on the slow side?

    These chickens that had been in town without his knowledge for at least 6 months suddenly decided to go rogue. They not only went on the lam, they were being dirty all over the place!?! Sparking the usual chicken complaints?!? Weird, I'd have thought they'd have started their life of crime during their teens. Late bloomers I guess.

    "She didn't know it was illegal,"

    If there is no ban, how was her keeping them illegal?

    All manner of birds come and go through yards throughout the day. I take a risk of bird poo on my laundry every time I hang it out. Not from my chickens, just your run of the mill birds. I still use the clothesline.

    I have had too many to count close calls with various wild creatures and just as many dogs and cats crossing the road.

    So they were cited for animal at large, fine. No reason to ban all chickens. If you're going to ban for 1 case of animal at large, then I guess all the cats and dogs in town will have to go too.

    1 person adopted a pig so they had to institute a ban? [​IMG] How many people live in this place? I count the pig lady, the chicken grandma, the complainer and the police chief. The complainer must be his wife. Nothing like being hen-pecked all the time to want to institute bans on all chickens.

    Sorry but the police chief sounds like an idiot. I have 10 chickens right now and I guarantee I have absolutely no desire to get a pig or a cow.​
  4. d.k

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    * Yep-- and if it had been a 3 dogs complaint or standing in the street that he almost hit, I seriously doubt it would have made the news at all. But, since it was 3 chickens, we have to have media and meetings and a slew of prohibitive regs?? AND they killed the chickens all because a housesitter probably forgot to latch a coop?
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  5. Guitartists

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    Mar 21, 2008
    I know... my friend has a slew of cats that dig up and poop in her flower beds and front lawn ALL the time..... still, no law banning cats or even feral cats [​IMG] And even a few dogs that CONSTANTLY get loose from the house across the street... run a muck, terrorize the kids, poop in her yard, tear open trash...... and still she keeps getting them back. But the Mexican family here in town that a couple chickens living in their house eventually got found out and they made them get rid of them and warned them that they could have no more! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Laureldale already has a ban specific to owning a pig as a pet. That ordinance was enacted several years ago after a resident adopted a pot-bellied pig, Fisher said.

    Wow, just one pig, and a pot pellied one at that.​
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    Apr 10, 2008
    The neighborhood 'feral' cats have broken my fencing from climbing over (I've seen them do it, but not break it + paw prints) and use a patch of dirt next to my front door for their litterbox... I think I've nearly run them over a few times when they dart across the streets. I want to get a humane trap but I would have no idea how to deal with the cat after, since I am highly allergic.

    Sure, I'd like to raise more of my own food like.. walking live beef..., but keeping one is beyond reason in a typical suburban community. It's okay to keep large reptiles, fish ponds (that brew skeeters), other exotics, but not chickens?

    Seriously, if anyone had one bit of common sense! I think 'useful' pets are the best way to begin sustainable living! Especially with the cost of items such as hay, grains, even feeder animals. *end rant*
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    "The yards aren't big enough to have people starting to bring pigs and chickens into their yard," Fisher said. "The next thing you know we'll start having beef cattle."

    Haven't you heard? Chickens are the gateway animal...
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    My god, what's next, people planting vegetable gardens?

    First you start with chickens, and the next thing you know, it's solar panels and joining the Slow Food movement! Then they'll dig up the shopping malls and plant fruit trees! What is this country coming to!

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