Chicken Palace Construction Continuing - Pics


13 Years
Feb 3, 2008
The chicken Palace construction is coming along. Somehow this small coop has morphed into 8x8x10 feet tall! (Well 10' in the front 8' in the back).

It is all framed out except for the 2 windows.

Now if only we had some chicks... Cancelling my McMurray order tomorrow and am now scrambling to find "interesting" chicks for minimal egg and mostly pet use. Looking for anywhere from 4 to 12 chicks, bantam or standard, polish, crested or otherwise interesting.

SOMEONE in the Philadelphia area has got to have chicks!


Yah, DH got a little "excitable" as he was building. It was not intended to be this large... Oh well, more chicks for me!
That is going to be so pretty in the wooded setting. Are those 2 bigger trees to the left going to be enclosed with part of the run? I can't tell exactly how much room is between them and the coop, but it sure looks like a perfect spot for a hammock to me! I like "chicken noise" and find it relaxing- at least until a roo joins in so when it's all done can I come to your place and hear a little lullaby of chicken music?!
We are still waffling on where to put the run, but it is looking like those trees will be just on the other side of the run fence.

We do have a hammock about 30 feet from the run though. Sitting out in the hammock, in the dark, after putting the littles to bed, with a glass of wine, listening to the cicadas is one of my most favorite things to do EVER.
Yes, we will be insulating. I suspect we will end up running electric out to it in the fall as well even though it is way too far from the house for that to be a cheap venture...

Now I just need to find some chickens.

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