Chicken Panting Heavily - Gapeworms?


12 Years
Dec 15, 2007

My New Hampshire Red pullet is somewhat panting, like a dog. It's quite hot here(summer time) and we're giving them some iced water that might help. We also get some cool times here even though it's summer, but my New Hampshire Red pullet is still panting heavily. The other chickens doesn't seem to pant anymore because it cooled down a bit, but my pullet pants so heavily that her body is shaking while she breathes. I also noticed the inside of her mouth is a bit maroon. Could it be gapeworm? Is it deadly/dangerous or untreatable? I tried to google it but not much info....

Thanks in advance!
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It doesn't really sound like gape worms to me, but you can see info on my site HERE . Does she show any other abnormal symptoms? What are you feeding your fowl?
When your birds are panting you should add an electrolyte to your waterer (your feed store will usually offer one). you should also not offer scratch grains in very hot weather. Set out a shallow ontainer of water (cooling their feet is excellent way to lower their body temps) and set out watermelon... they will often peck at the watermelon while ignoring their waterer I have found and this will keep them hydrated..
Thanks for the info everyone! She's doing fine now - her panting stopped this afternoon, but still pants a bit when it's really hot - likely not Gapeworms. Oh and nice site CUDA! I was also looking on info on coccidiosis and your site was really helpful. She doesn't shake her head like a Silent Hill creature. I think it's just really hot here, especially in summer time. My chickens are happily free-ranging in our breezy backyard. Thanks again!
Cool, I would take dl's advice too, cut out the corn in the summer, and provide a good water source, and area's of shade for them to get to. Good luck!
Hi. Hope your feathered friend will be alright. Where's "here", i.e., what temps are you seeing in the daytime and what are the lows at night? Is it humid? Having access to a fan can help - where they can choose to be near it or choose not to, depending upon need.....
* I would also increase your number of waterers, and keep a spray bottle handy to spritz the roo lightly. He will shake his feathers and open them to dry and cool down that way.

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