Chicken pecked...almost 1 week and not eating...I'm worried!!!!!

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    Sep 3, 2008
    Hello again. I am really worried about Yuyu. It will be a week soon and she has gotten weaker. She was pecked in the head severely and her one eye is almost always closed. Thanks to everyone's suggestions, I cleaned her head, rinsed her eye with saline, and gave her electrolytes in her water, but she barely drinks. She hasn't eaten in days. Should I force feed her? Can you do that? I think she may be blind in her one eye so she has problems seeing the food. I am fearful she may not gain enough strength to recover. Please help...thank you.
  2. If she doesn't get something in soon, she'll die. Give her the electrolyte water with an eye dropper. Dribble it alongside her careful to avoid her nostrils. Add some Poly-vi-sol without iron (kids liquid vitamins)...1 drop twice a day for 7 days then taper.

    Try give her some finely chopped boiled egg. They usually like that. Other suggestions are: cooked oatmeal, plain yogurt, mashed fruit. I would get some terramycin eye ointment and use that. Also, put 1 baby aspirin in 8 oz. of water to dissolve. Try giving her some of that. She may be in pain. The eye ointment may help with the pain as well. Just keep at it. Offer her sometime new to eat every few hours. YOu can also get baby parrot feed at the pet store and put it on your finger into her beak. You can also get a catheter and put it directly into her crop. There are directions on the can for that. Good luck! [​IMG]

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