Chicken pecked?

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    Hi I'm new, but I've viewed this site many times and found your information very useful. I've been scrolling through the forum but I'm not sure what to do in this specific situation. I have 8 hens about 8 mos old. I'm a first time chicken raiser and I'm not sure what to do with my injured hen. Today one of my golden hens had blood on her head. I've never noticed aggression between my girls before so I'm not really sure what happened. I live in nj and it's been quite cold lately and we got some snow. The snow blew into their runout pen, and today with some melting it's been quite wet. I let them out, about 4-5 times a week for about a half hour in the winter. I do more in the summer, but it's so cold and I don't want to leave them unsupervised so it's limited turnout right now. Anyway I noticed today they went right to the front step of my house where the overhang keeps the dirt dry and took dirt baths, so I'm wondering if that was the issue. But anyway to make a long story short, I have one girl who has some blood, not awful, but enough blood on her head and I'm not sure what to do with her. If I separate her in the coop would she get too cold? Tonight it's suppose to be in the teens. Or do I crate her in my garage. My coop came with our home and we refurbished it and hung tarps to make it less drafty, but I'm afraid she would get cold if she was isolated in those low temps. Please help!
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    Welcome to BYC. You could get some BluKote or Gentian Violet, and dab some on the bloody area to camouflage it, so they don't peck her. Iodine or betadine also works well. Stick around for a bit, and watch that she is doing alright. Also, you can place her on the roost at dark, and check on her first thing at daylight.

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