Chicken Pecking


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Oct 10, 2016
Central New York
I have 6 chickens. Ages vary from 1 to 4yrs. They are pecking both their own and each others feathers out. I am concerned about the start of cannabilism. One of the 1yr olds, Pheobe, has no neck or shoulder feathers, in spite of using Pick No More and the other one is losing hers, plus one of the older ones. I put an apron on her, but it was off in no time. I thought about making one from denim patches for strength, but this wouldn't protect her neck.They peck at each other and themselves. Feathers are everywhere. I have witnessed my very friendly Sussex, Susie, definitely the head chick, has attacked Pheobe and older ones on several occasions, also when they were free ranging and she stalks them. I was going to segregate her, but then found they were all pecking at each other.

They have a 20' run with 3 feeding and watering stations, perches and a dust bath. They free range every day. Stress? I introduced 18% feed and checked and treated for mites 2X. Their coop is 30sq ft, insulated and shaded with a good cross breeze from window to door during the day. Also, extremely cleanThe temp has been very hot 80 90 degrees. I have sometimes run a fan for their comfort at night. Included in their daily consumption are egg shells, homemade kefir and sometimes treats from raw veg plus hanging oregano. The only remaining thing I can think of is that when my son extended the coop, he misread the plans and I lost a foot of width, so the perches are crossed to accommodate them all, since they all want to be at the same height.
I am at a loss. Can someone help?

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