Chicken Pedicure...?


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
I think this is the right place to post..

I filed down my chickies claws today, I have heard of others doing this and well they were sharp so I figured I'd go for it.. I have also heard of people possibly filing the top beak up a little bit. I can see where it goes from the orangey beak color to a clear-ish finger nail looking color. It kind of seems like growing a little, weird. She is a house chicken, even though she gets outside time everyday and I leave the back door open for her as she pleases. Except at night.. A giant roach flew in the other night and so I close the back door now when the sun goes down... Anyways, am I having to up-keep with these because she is inside most of the time and nature can't file them down fo her?

And also how do I go about doing her beak? When I got her large talons earlier, I just laid her on her back in my lap and put a cloth over her head and if she squirmed i'd rub her belly. just put her on her back again, i guess?

Anybody else have experience? I have one of those regular metal nail files to use for her.


13 Years
May 23, 2009
Post a picture.

Unless the beak is growing abnormally, you should leave it alone.

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