Chicken People Are The Greatest!!!


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Oct 31, 2007
My family and I went to the Lucasville swap meet today.It started uot as a nice day but as the day went on it got pretty chilly.
To make a long story short...I bought some Bantam chicks when we first got there.Put them in a small cardboard box and thought they would be OK.But later the tempature started dropping so I thought I would check on them and was shocked to see that three of the chicks were on their sides with their legs sticking straight out.
I knew they were getting chilled so I took the three weak chicks and put them in my jacket pockets and just held them in my hands so they could get warm.
We just happened to walk up to this one booth to look at the chickens a woman was selling and we started talking about the different chickens she had . I told her about the chilled little ones I had and she offered to let me put them under one of her heat lamps until we were ready to go home.
I was so greatful for her help that I bought three chickens off of her.
I'm not sure but I think her name was Mandy,but if she ever comes to this site just let me say again...thank you,thank you,thank you.Because we got the chicks home and they are doing great.
If not for help and consideration I am sure we would have lost them all.


12 Years
Oct 22, 2007
New Market,Tn.
I agree..! I have ran into some of the nicest people while at county fair poultry shows and other poultry shows as well. I have yet to meet someone involved in poultry that I did not like. I am so glad that I can be associated with a group of people that actually care about helping others with something that they are so passionate about.

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