Chicken pics :)


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Aug 2, 2011
New Mexico
Share your chicken pics here!!!
Any kinda chicken is welcome!!
Here are some of mine!

My ladies
Glory Porscha and Skittlez


Sweet dreams my Nermal pretty boy. May you finally get some rest. You will be dearly missed. Just know that you were loved and Im sorry I had to do what I did.. I hope you can forgive me.
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Pretty hens! I'm guessing they're EEs?


Here's a little bantam cochin frizzle hen, I call her Diva! She's sooo funny. She's tiny, and her feathers make her look sort of like a chubby little guinea pig, and she runs really FAST! It's hilarious to see her run. I get a real kick out of her.
Yes they are Easter eggers
Unfortunantly I had to cull one of my Andalusian roosters this morning. May he rest in Piece sweet sweet Nermal. Hes the one my daughter is holding in the first post.
She is adorable!!!! I want some cochins and some silkies...The only good that came from culling my roo is now I can add some more hens.. But it still doesnt make me feel to good.
I usually wear a bandana when I'm at home because I get too hot having my hair and bangs loose. Since I got chickens now, I've found another use for bandanas...


They protect your hair from poop when you are nursing a sick pullet and she decides your head is the best place to sit when I'm at my computer.

Also chicks has no sense of privacy, they kept checking my email! >

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Oh they are all so wonderful!! Please keep posting! As this thread is now in memory of a beloved rooster named Nermal that I lost this morning. I never knew Id love chickens so much(when before I got mine I was deathly afraid of them.. ) I know laugh it up but its the honest truth lol... But now I couldnt see my life with out them.. Now I am one short...And my heart is broken.

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