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    Many animals lay eggs. What a wonder of God’s Creation the diversity. Some of these lay 2-5, some laying thousands. The “lowly” chicken has been observed and heralded in this poem:

    The codfish lays a thousand eggs
    The homely hen but one.
    The codfish never cackles
    To tell you when she’s done.
    And so we scorn the cod fish
    While the humble hen we prize,
    Which only goes to show you
    That it pays to advertise.

    Kurlansky, M. “Cod: A biography of the fish that changed the world” p. 29

    I love my chickens and I enjoy all the comments, but I still do not know how this site works, so I hope this lovely poem gets through to you and you have a Merry Christmas with healthy girls in the New Year!
    from Maria in Ramona with chickens, dogs, cats, and horses.
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    The poem came through. A Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to you.

    Sourland George

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