Chicken pool and spa


Apr 9, 2020
New Jersey
More so a pool, maybe a spa to them
My know-it-all younger told me to get the chickens a pool for the summer so they can cool down by dipping their feet as opposed to drinking extra water. We live in northern NJ, so still get a handful of 90+ days in July and August. I'm just more concerned with the standing water and cleanup needed with keeping it sanitary. I've kicked around the idea of adding a small running water source to their run as a small circulating waterfall and stream. Has anyone tried to build an oasis in a run?


In the Brooder
May 13, 2020
No oasis, but I do keep baking pans in the freezer, half filled with water & healthy snacks like peas or blueberries. On our hottest days, I pull the pan out, top it off water, & place in the shade. The hens want the frozen treats, and keep dipping their beaks in the very cold water. It keeps them cool, and it’s an engaging activity to occupy their little bird brains. The ice ends up floating to the top after a while, & hours later the treats break loose. It’s a huge hit in our backyard!

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