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6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
So I'm using sand in my coop which makes scooping out the poop a piece of cake! I would love to compost it but am a little confused on how that would work given not using shavings or straw. Currently I am scooping into a 5 gallon bucket with lid. It's pretty much straight poop and a little sand. Should I add some shavings? Or should I just dump it into my regular rolling composter?
I'm sorry can't answer your comost question..but I do have a sand questio for ya :) I've been wanting to use sand inside my coop for easy clean-up, I currently use wood shavings. I noticed the chickens sweep the shavings away for good footing to fly up on their roost. So would sand still allow them to be able to fly up easily?? (I have a cement floor inside the coop)
I think so. I haven't noticed them clearing it away at all to get a good jump. I have only had them out in the coop for one week but I love the sand and they seem to also. It seems so much easier to clean than their brooder of wood chips was! :ya
Mine doesn't take long at all, straight chicken poo heats the pile fast! That said, it depends on the individual pile. I tend to keep adding stuff and and it will take about 2-3 months from when I decide to start a new pile and stop adding to the old.
I have a question about chicken poo.

I've noticed what looks like bloody poops from time to time in the coop. My chickens are 4 months old. Is this something to be concerned about? They seem to be happy and eating well.
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