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    Sorry if this sound yucky or if it has already been mentioned, but I am wondering if a dog eats chicken poop, will it end up with diarrhea?

    My dog doesnt really go into the girls area, but this is the second time in almost 2 months that this has happened after he has been in their territory. So bad I have had to get scripts from the vet both times. He has not eaten anything other than his normal stuff, and is a dog food dog, dry food. No table scraps. Has this happened to others??
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    Shouldn't be a problem if you're feeding good stuff to the chickens. Dogs are notorious for "recycling"[​IMG] and most of the time it doesn't have much effect other than gassing you out of the room as the "recycled" stuff makes its way thru the dog's intestines. Just keep an eye on your pup and try not to worry. You could give the dog and chickens both some plain yogurt if that would make you feel better - they'll both eat it up, and it's good for their guts.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    This is one of the reasons I will never own a dog. They eat poo and all kinds of disgusting stuff, not to mention licking the nether regions, and then people let them lick them in the face!

    [​IMG] just gross [​IMG]
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    Yes, dog's are gross! Our 6 mos old puppies (they're BIG) eat chicken poop any chance they can get it.. YUK... and get into my compost bin too... and eat out of the garbage if someone leaves the pantry door open. And my 2yo had an accident in her shorts a couple weeks ago.. and it made it's way out of her shorts onto the ground.... the nasty dogs lapped it up like it was candy before I could even get to her. [​IMG] That made me gag! YUK!
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    Aug 8, 2008
    I'm with ya on that [​IMG]
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    Today must be POOP DAY on the forums! I just finished replying to a different post about a dog eating cat poop. LOL!

    Our two labs love "chocolate truffles", as we like to call them - both cat and chicken. We stop them when we see them do it, but we're sure that they do it often when we aren't watching. It's disgusting, but I don't worry about it unless the dogs shows signs of being sick - which has never happened here.

    The worst is when the dogs go next door and roll in a big cow patty. UGH!

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