Chicken prone to overeating????

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    Apr 27, 2012
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    I have a Dark Brahma, 1 yr old, last month I performed crop surgery to remove a huge mass of impacted "stuff" - mostly grasses and such, grit and whatnot. Here we are a few weeks later, she eats, poops and lays eggs but her crop is huge again. It is full of what feels like grit and oyster shell. It's very gravely feeling. I no longer give them grass from the yard ( I didn't realize my error in ripping grass from the lawn to feed as treat) and limit their treats to small sized things.

    I have their feed in the coop avail always with a side dish of oyster shell and another of grit for them to take as needed. My Brahma, Sweetie, is a gavone! she just eats and eats. I had to remove the sand I put in the run for dust bathing because she was always eating it. They have never run out of food so hunger can't be it. I have 13 hens and one rooster and she is the only one with this issue. I fear I may have to perform "surgery" again. She doesn't seem fat but madone she rarely sits and relaxes like the others - always eating! I checked her poop - no worms.

    Are Brahmas prone to over eating or eating things they shouldn't?

    My hens do not free range, their coop and run is large enough for 25 birds so they are not over corwded and I occasionaly hang corn cobs and heads of lettuce in the run for exercise and entertainment while eating.

    I appreciate any and all advice/comments

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