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    My chickens like to sleep in the lit section (street light) of there run but I dont like them sleeping there because i think the elements will get to them ( rain etc). They have a nice little area under cover where they can roost but they wont go there by themselves. I literally have to pick them up and carry them each night. They stay there once there.
    Should I be worried where they decide they sleep or is there a way I can incourage them to sleep where I think they should slepping??
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    I don't know-I have 3 Amerecaunas and 2 turkeys I have to tuck in every single night-all the others go to bed on their own [​IMG]
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    I used to have some young roos who preferred to sleep on top of their coop rather than inside. I would come out just after roosting time and sprinkle them with the water hose. It was warm weather so there was no problems. But they decided they didn't like sitting up there in the "rain" and would go in to keep from getting wet. I had to do this several times, but I finally trained them to sleep inside. [​IMG]
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    I would think if it got to the point that the elements made them uncomfortable, that they would move. Then again, chickens aren't known for being the sharpest knives in the drawer!

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