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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by MontserratChick, Jun 23, 2016.

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    Hi all - I need a bit of advice about chickens raising peachicks...

    Our peahen is a bit wayward and shows very little interest in either laying or incubating her own eggs. However occasionally we find eggs around the garden. Recently one of our tiny escape artist hens was found in the garden brooding a nest of about 14 chicken eggs of assorted sizes and a peahen egg! We candled them and took away infertile chicken eggs. Then because she was in the wild and we wouldn't know when the chicken eggs would hatch, we put the peahen egg in the incubator. She hatched her eggs last week and the peachick hatched in the incubator last night. We have another broody hen who we had put quail eggs under, but I've just taken the decision to swap them out and put them in the incubator and put the peachick under the hen, because I feel that raising it alone in a brooder for so long will be hard on it, whereas there will be plenty of quails, and they're independent much faster.

    My question is about how long peachicks need mothering. This particular hen is one to abandon her chicks quite early - at around 5-6 weeks, regardless of size. Will this be enough for the peachick? Can we put it in the chicken run with all the others at that point? I'd really love to raise it indoors and have a tame one, but we don't have a decent sized brooder and as it's only one, I think it would be very lonely. Also we're going away and will have house-sitters who may not be as attentive as us! Do any of you have any experience with hens raising peachicks?

    Thank you!!!

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    Well mother hen is doing a good job with the peachick, but it was difficult for a while as Peewee had splayed legs and needed leg braces for a few days, which made him/her completely miserable. He/she is running around fine now but is still whinging all the time, with a plaintive little wheep wheep. It's not at all interested in eating - just a few pieces of egg white a day as far as I can tell, and whenever the hen tries to excite it with some food by clucking and pecking, it runs over to her and starts either pecking her beak or yanking at her red jowels. There's chick crumb all over the place but it just doesn't seem to be interested. Any ideas? Seems strong and healthy enough, but not particularly happy. Is there something else I can do to help it eat?

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