Chicken ran away...may be sick

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    Mar 26, 2008
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    I have two chickens that I got full grown 3 weeks ago. One seemed not to be eating and I think she lays more infrequently than the other. I get about 1 egg per day. The sick part is white dots on her comb... they 'appeared' 3 days ago.

    The biggest problem is that neither hen likes me much, but the smaller one HATES me! She has escaped four times, and I've always caught her. This time, she got away as I was bringing her from her house (in my garage) to the yard... I put the other hen in their 'area' where they hang out during the day, thinking she'd come back b/c they like to stay together.

    She didn't come back. I left th area for 2 hours and still no return... I searched all around my house and my neighbors' but no sign of her.

    I moved the hen house into the back yard so if the hen comes back to her area, she'll find her sister... but I had to lock it b/c I don't want a predator to get in and get the other hen.

    IT's raining now and I think she's really gone. Won't she get sick being out there in the rain? Will she come back
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    The most probable time for her to return would be dusk. Chickens naturally go wherever they consider "home" at that time so they can roost for the night. I'd go looking for her an starting 1-2 hours before nightfall for greatest likelihood of success. I'd think there's a good chance she'll come back--3 weeks should be long enough for her to be considering your place to be home.
    Chickens will hang out in the rain some, but often go find something to shelter under such as a tree or shed if they can.
    Some breeds and some individual chickens are more fractious about people than others. I suspect your chickens don't have a personal aversion to you. They may just be avoidant of people in general or to people they haven't yet gotten used to. I've had chickens that were very alarmed about me early on grow to trust and come to me.
    I'll send up a prayer for you and you chickens. I think it's beautiful you care and are trying to help them be happy and safe.

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