Chicken-Related Words in Other Languages

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    Okay, basically I'm fed up with not being able to find the words in my dictionaries, so I thought I'd start a thread where people who speak other languages can put up useful chicken-related words.

    This really started when I was letting the chooks out this morning. You see, I talk to my pets in German, even though it's not my first language - don't ask why - and they'd knocked the perch down. And it occurred to me that I don't actually know how to say 'perch' in German and for some reason had been translating it as "Fisch" (I'd probably asked my dad).

    So, dann... Wie heißt der Stab, an dem die Hühner sitzen und schlafen? Auf Deutsch, natürlich. Auf Englisch ist es ein "perch" und deschalb sag' ich "Fisch", aber dass ist nicht richtig, oder?

    I'm most interested in learning the words in German (Deutsch), Spanish (español/castellano), and French (français). (And Scottish Gaelic [Gàidhlig], but I doubt anyone knows that). But feel free to put up the words in any language, if you know them.

    Hopefully, if people actually reply on this thread, it can be useful for people other than just me.
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    Posting to subscribe. I would help but I don't know these words yet. I'm only in French 2[​IMG]. Le coq is the word for rooster though. Le poulet is the word for a chicken you would buy at the store to eat.
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    Jul 2, 2013
    I can help with words in Irish,

    cearc-hen (kee-arc)
    sicin- chicken (shiceen) there should be a fada over the last I
    ubh- egg (uv)
    roost- fara
    rooster- coileach (qu-eel-ach)
    bedding-easair (A-zer)
    coop (hen house)- teach cearc (ch-ach kee-arc)
    nest box- bosca nead (busca nad)
    feed-beathu (ba-hoo)
    feeder- fothaire (fo-thair-a)
    chick- sicin(shiceen) this is the same as for an adult chicken so I would usually put beag (bee-ug) or og (O-g) after, which means small or young.
    chicken meat- cearcuil (kee-arc-ool)
    wing- eitoeg(et-O-g)
    leg-cos (cus)
    tail-eireaball (er-ab-el)
    head- ceann(kee-ow-n)
    enclosure-clos (close)
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