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    I didn't know where else to post this, and I'm sure it's hopeless but when I think of help for chickens I think of BYC! We have just been told that we have to move within the next couple of months, and I'm betting we won't be able to find a place that we can have our chickens (unfortunately, we rent). If we find a place in town the best we can hope for is to have 6, but the way landlords are I'm betting we won't even be able to find that. So, if anyone out there is in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area and would like to consider giving a good home to my chickens, please contact me! I have considered putting them in the freezer but I just can't bring myself to do that at this point after hand-raising them, and they are more like pets to my daughter than livestock. We have a total of 13 - 11 hens, 1 rooster ("Easter Peep" for hatching on Easter), and one that is only a couple of months old so I'm not sure if she's a she or a he. They are not all laying right now, one I got from a friend when she moved and she seems to have stopped laying all together (the hen, not my friend - she's never laid an egg as far as I know). One of the hens is a "special needs" chicken - we've kept her around just out of sympathy as she survived the raccoon attack on our coop when she was about 4 months old - I didn't realize the extent of the damage to her until she was older - she lives okay but I don't think she'll ever lay or get fat - she has trouble eating so that's all she does. Breeds are Buff Orpington (2), Rhode Island Reds (1, I think - the "special needs" girl), Barred Rock (1), New Hampshire Reds (2, I believe), Black Sex-Link (1), Americauna (1 - the one that's not laying anymore), Australorp (1 - I think, she flew the neighbors coop and has taken up with our rooster), Red sex-link (2 - I think, can't remember who's who anymore). As for the rooster, I can't even begin to guess what he is - the coop he came from had Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, a Cochin and Rhode Island roosters, and maybe some New Hampshires in there as well. The same goes for the newest hatchling - don't know what she/he is.

    I'm sorry for the lengthy post. If anyone has any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it! I'd love to find this flock a good home as they were hand-raised, are very good with people & kids, and are quite entertaining (especially if you call "Here Chick Chick Chick). I know I can't control what happens to them after us, but I figured it can't hurt to ask!
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    have been in a similar sort of situation before,albeit with fancy rats instead of chucks-can relate to what are going through.

    if are getting a rented place,is there any chance for a friend with some land,or perhaps a BYCer that trust-to just look after them until have got a new place that allows all the chucks?
    depends if were going to be moving again though.
    woud it be possible to speak to the land lord and see if coud talk them into allowing the extra chucks?

    have found these lists of pet shelters near/around fort collins:

    -even if they dont accept chickens,they may be able to give details of one that does,or know of private adopters-we had that experience recently when we tried to get a ferral kitten taken in as the RSPCA was full,we contacted various sanctuaries who didnt take ferrals but they past us on to some anyway.

    best of luck with rehoming them,stupid rental contracts,dont know why landlords always assume pets will make more mess and damage than humans.
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