Chicken Riots!??

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    Apr 26, 2009
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    There is an over abundant supply of grasshoppers on the 45 or so grazing acres surrounding my chickens.

    Well when I was young, catching grasshoppers was entertaining to the point where I'd spend quite some time doing it. This past summer/fall I spent a little time catching the little critters (maybe a dozen or so) and it almost killed me. I put out the effort because if I tossed the chickens one they would go absolutely nuts, I couln't toss them fast enough to calm down the melee.

    I will be starting a local type webpage in the near future and thought I might have a day or two labeled "The Great Reva Chicken Riot" where parents will broodlings could bring them to the farm to catch grasshoppers and incite riots themselves. Thinking being that the parents would then have children exhausted enough to maybe do what parents do when they're afforded the opportunity. You know, watch a movie..maybe on the same couch. Maybe even have a cookout...those details would probably worked out interactively on the site.

    My question is: Can you think of any reason why I might not want to do it? possible precautions to take while addressing this locally? Any others try this?

    Some i've thought of - obvious or
    - Parents have to stay with their children, well no drop offs.
    - Keep distance from the 2 ponds / stay up on pasture side.

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