Chicken Rodeo - Labor Day

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    Mar 20, 2012
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    I haven't been on this site for a while, but some one contacted me the other day from a past post needing chickens for 4-H. I would like to invite all you chicken lovers to our Annual Junior McCormick Memorial Chicken Rodeo at the Alexandria Fair & Horse Show. The fair runs August 27th thru September 1st. It's in Alexandria, Ky. The rodeo is a very popular event. 4 age groups of children, teams of 2 have to chase a chicken across the arena, over a line. The fastest time wins. After the rodeo, we turn all of the chickens loose in the arena & let anyone who wants chickens, catch them & take them home. Kids go first by age group at ten second intervals until everyone is invited. There are many other children's events that day, but our chicken rodeo is a huge draw. The rodeo starts at 10 am, but if you have children who want to participate, get there early. Registration starts at 9am. Gates open at 8am. The classes fill up fast. We'll be doing the chicken dance before the event. The utmost care is taken to ensure the safety of the children & chickens. Come check it out!

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