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Oct 15, 2020
Hello! Here is a fun little chicken roll play to do! The topic is your chicken is running for president! Please note all post are for all ages, no harsh, mean, activity. If you want to add another character, you can add the name, age, breed, gender ,physical decription, and personality. Have fun! ( it can be for chickens, quails, and ducks!)
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I guess I will start out
Name: Daisy
Age:2 1/2 years
Breed: Buff Orpington
Gender: Hen
Physical description:Big, Golden, and fluffy
Personality: Friendly, and willing to stand up for anyone in need.
Name: Cally
Age: 3 years old
Breed: california white
Gender: female
Physical description: red comb and wattles with a white body and blue legs.
Personality: kind of shy around humans. She is not shy around chickens though. The rest is to be roleplayed.
Other: I traded a sandwich bag full of feed for her when she was just a pullet without knowing what I would be getting into lol. (No it wasn't an unfair trade. My friend offered her for a sandwich bag of feed.)
Name: Tillia
Age:1 yr
Breed: golden laced wyandotte mix
Gender: hen
Physical description: golden, big, fluffy, sweet, and full of surprises
Personality: gentle, motherly, and I gotta admit that she probably doesn't have what is takes to be president.
Other: she has 12 children that are almost grown.

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