Chicken roosting on poop board

Harley Chick

Apr 4, 2018
Unionville TN
I've reached out to everyone before about my poor Lilly. She is being bullied in the evening while everyone is settling in on the roost. I had added a second bar for her (and Clover when she was being bullied) but now Clover is hogging the secondary roosting bar and picking on Lilly. Lilly has now resorted to sleeping on the poop bar under the older girls?????? What gives? Is this normal pecking order? Is there anything I should do?

*quick history, started out with 4 chicks and then we added two younger ones when the girls were 6 weeks old. New girls were younger with Clover being 2 weeks younger and Lilly was 3 weeks younger than older girls. Clover & Lilly bonded as the others were picking on them.


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Jul 16, 2015
You could try adding another roost. Otherwise sleeping on the poop board is okay as long as she's not getting pooped on all night. She probably gets some protection by being by the older hens. Unfortunately there's always a bottom bird, sounds like she's found her own solution and I would leave her be.

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