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    May 31, 2016
    I have a basic question for constructing my first run. I hope I'm using the right terms here--I've seen pictures where some folks have their base plates vertical (ex if 2x4, the 4" side is vertical) and others where the base plate is horizontal (4" side laying on the ground).

    Are there functional or cosmetic reasons to consider each option?

    For those that have a run where the base plate is vertical, did you toe nail the wall studs into the base plate, or did you use a long screw and screw up through the base plate and then into the wall studs?

    Did you use 1 wall stud or 2 in the corners?

    Sorry for the basic questions -- this is my first project of this sort, so I'm struggling a bit and greatly appreciate the help.
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    Apr 24, 2016
    We toenailed when necessary. Only used one 2x4 in the corner structurally and I'm glad in the end we did b/c ended up sandwiching hardware cloth between a second 2x4. Husband braced in bottom opposite corners.

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    We used vertical 2x6's for the base because we plan to do deep litter in the run and the 2x6's will help keep it contained. The base and top rails were assembled to the verticals with pocket hole joinery. Super simple and strong. You can get a basic jig and drill bit kit at Lowes etc.. or from Amazon. Toenailing will work but if you can spend a few more bucks and take a little more time, the pocket holes are the way to go in my opinion.

    Here's a shot of one of the pocket hole screw connections. There are 4 - 2 1/2" long screws in these angled holes securing the 2x6 to the vertical 4x4.

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